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Our Community Website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.  Pine Haven is great community located in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida. 
~ Neighborhood News ~
Pool will be closed starting next week. August 26, 2019 due to renovations.  The pool will reopen after the renovations are complete.
Whats New:   August 2019  Financial Statement
Please do NOT feed the wild animals in the Neighborhood.
A Bear has been seen in Pine Haven! Do not feed birds, cats dogs or place any food outside of your condo!
This is very dangerous to the wellbeing of our children and every resident. It is against the rules!
To access the Web Portal at Guardian, you can go to the Documents and Forms Section on this website.  The link is provided for you at the top of that section.   For those who are registering into the web portal for the first time at Guardian, you will need to click on the register button first.  Once you click on the register button, you will need to fill in the information requested.  You MUST use your Pine Haven address when registering so that the system can locate you.  Once you complete the form, you will receive a password to the portal.  Please save this password.
Those who have already registered need to input your user ID (your email address that you used to register) and password.
Once registered you can see your own accounting file.   Board members , if they so choose, will have access to specific information such as current financial information.  The system is being updated so that in the future you can see more detailed information such as detailed history of your payments.
Association payments:
Please mail all payments with or without your coupons to the following address:
Pine Haven Condominium
% Cinc Systems
PO Box 20286
Tampa, FL 33622-0286
In order to not delay the posting of your payments , all checks must have the unit number on the memo portion of the check and must be payable to your association and not to the property management company
All Estoppel requests (payoff and other amounts needed for the sale closing of a unit) are $250.00 and are to be sent to:
Guardian Property Management
Attn: Angela Mackey
6704 Lone Oak Blvd.
Naples, FL  34109
Towing update:    12:00 AM is the earliest time a parking warning and towing will occur.
Guest passes - Per Board approval as of February 17, 2017, Guest passes will be for two weeks only.  If additional time is needed a second pass can be granted.  The total of the two passes cannot exceed the 30 day period.  Anyone over thirty days must complete paperwork and submit to the board for approval.
The Pine Haven gate does not allow the 4 digit codes.   These codes were only intended to be available until everyone was used to the new gate.  Now that some time has passed.  The gate system will start to delete any codes that are assigned to individual units.   You must have a bar code or a hand held card to enter the gate.  Guests or individual vendors to units must use the key pad to call the number assigned to your unit in order to enter through the gate.  Anyone visiting or doing work at your unit must call you for entry as well.  Hand held cards are only for unit owners.
Pine Haven recently installed a new entrance gate for safety and security reasons. The gate is activated and working well.  Please take note that there are cameras on the property and if you are found to be causing damage to the gates and/or the equipment in any way, you will be held accountable and fined accordingly.
Very Important:  The security company will be looking at all vehicles parked in Pine Haven in order to verify that they meet Pine Haven's parking and leasing requirements.  All vehicles must have a valid bar code on their car. It is imperative that you have a bar code on your vehicle.  Registered owners of Pine Haven may visit the Gate information tab for more updated information on this web site.
All members must have a bar code on the car in order to gain entry into the community.  Renters must have a completed current lease and current application on file every year.  Bar codes will be deactivated for any expired leases.

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~ Dont' Forget ~
Parking is enforced.  No parking on the grass, sidewalks or blocking the streets or in another designated parking space.  Violators will be towed at the owners expense. All vehicles must have a bar code or a parking pass on the vehicle in order to park overnight.
Garbage must be placed inside the dumpster.  All recycle materials must be placed in the recycle bins.  No garbage is to be placed in the recycle bins.  The Waste Management company will not pick it up if it is contaminated.
Pool fobs for the access gate to the pool can be purchased thru Guardian Property Management during normal business hours.   Renters must have a valid lease in place in order to purchase a pool fob.
"In October 2016, we installed new mailboxes throughout our community.  The new mailboxes have been developed and approved by the United State Post Office and have more stringent security features which help protect our mail and parcels better than our old mailboxes.  The new mailboxes also include a secure outgoing mail slot and parcel boxes.

Mailbox key distribution to owners and tenants was conducted on Saturday, October 22, 2016.  Any keys not picked up on that day can be picked up at Guardian Property Management office, 6704 Lone Oak Blvd, in Naples during normal business hours.  All residents must bring valid photo identification and tenants must have an up to date lease agreement on file with Guardian to obtain a new mailbox key. 

Each new mailbox includes 3 keys, one for the tenant with a current lease and 2 owner keys.  Owner occupied units will receive all 3 keys. (Reminder: all leases must be renewed minimally 30 days prior to the lease expiration date).  If one key is lost, please contact your unit owner or their representative who in turn should contact Guardian for key replacement instructions.  Unit owners may obtain blank keys from Guardian if they would like to have additional mailbox keys made.  There is a $10 charge for each blank key.  

Please note that if all 3 keys are lost, the lock must be drilled by the original installer at the owner's expense.  A new lock matching the original manufacturer's lock will be installed.  The current cost as of January 2017 is approximately $125.00.

Under no circumstances should an owner or tenant remove or replace the lock on their mailbox.  If this occurs without involving Guardian, the Pine Haven board of directors will instruct the installer to replace the lock at the owner's expense.  

Note that per Federal law, it is illegal for the Post office to deliver mail to unlocked mailboxes.  This will be strictly enforced going forward."

~ Upcoming Events ~
Pine Haven Board of Directors Meeting - Budget Adoption
Wednesday, November 13th, 6:00 pm at Pine Haven Clubhouse
There will be a Board of Directors Meeting on November 13,2019 to adopt the 2020 Budget at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse.
Annual Members Meeting of Pine Haven
Tuesday, February 11th, 6:00 pm at Pine Haven Clubhouse
The Annual Meeting of the Membership of Pine Haven will be held on February 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse.

~ Surveys ~
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